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Automate Workflows
Challenge the Status Quo!
Expect more from Modern Software!
Focus on your venue or team - Not managing (or building) software!

SIMPLICITY is better, Cheaper & easier to maintain

Managing your premium venue assets is a complicated process. And, today’s premium clients are demanding a better experience that helps them achieve their business goals. Event Hub’s unique and innovative Event Relationship Management experience delivers new sources of value to venue owners and increases operational agility in servicing your premium clients.

the Event hub Vision

Event Hub uses modern open source and cloud computing to build truly end to end and collaborative software.

Is your team frustrated at having to juggle multiple tools in order to deliver value to your customers?

Simplicity IS better. It is cheaper and easier to maintain in a world of high employee rotation. 

Its time make the change to modern tools.


Our Core Features

Modern SAAS Solution

Securely hosted onshore in Australia – leverage true cloud computing to enter the digital age. Self service modern UI principles reduces TCO. Proven.

E-commerce Sales

Release single or groups of assets for public sale via branded Links. Created in minutes and usable on any Device.

Dynamic Ticket Fullfilment

BYO tickets or design and generate yourselves. Automatically allocated to asset owners.

Inventory Management

Agile sales and management of your premium suites, boxes and seats. See all your assets in one new inventory GRID.

Email Marketing

Personalise, send and track email notifications, reminders and other premium client communications

Event Relationship Management

An event specific CRM that puts your premium client preferences to work for you.

Reporting & Insights

Empower data-driven decisions with deeper analysis of activity and premium client insights.

Order Wizards

Customisable flows, guide your premium clients through their online orders, reducing human error and optimising sales. Accept payments online or invoice only.

Provide even more value to your premium clients with the ultimate in customer experience with powerful guest management and automated digital ticket distribution — saving them hours, and increasing your utilisation!

Release your E-Commerce Sales page

Release casual or unused assets for sale online.Share branded sales URLS to any public page or email list.

Automatic Update of Inventory

via your own branded online portal premium so you can optimise utilisation of your premium assets

Clients confirm attendance

via your own branded online portal premium so you can optimise utilisation of your premium assets

Clients Order Catering

Order food & beverages, and any other additional services using easily configurable guided flows.

Clients pay online

Clients pay online or confirm invoice for any additional services, including food & beverages, parking, merchandise — it’s up to you.

Clients invite their guests

Your VIP clients access their own guest management portal to easily invite and send their digital tickets — from any ticketing provider.

Deliver a better customer experience for your VIPs

Event Hub is a holistic platform that gives your team all of the needed tools to run premium event activities while surfacing insights to help your business relationships grow in ways you never thought were possible.


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OK! What type of customer are you?

I am a venue or arena

I run many events across many facilities & physical spaces

I manage Suites/boxes, rooms or VIP seats

I SELL tickets and distribute them to others

I may be a venue owner, Team / Hirer or an agent.


I am a corporate of an organization that manages events and guests

rather than SELL tickets, we issue complimentary tickets to

Employees, partners, sponsors, or key customers.